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The Worst Star Wars Campaign - EVER!

A few weeks ago I started DMing a D6 SW campaign (in English, although I'm not a native speaker). Current players are:

- Voren Tathis, legitimate businessman (smuggler) and "owner" (because he bought it with a huttesse loan, so he is not exactly the owner) of the "Graceful Flyer", an slightly modified YT-1300
- Anna Levere, a former INCOM test pilot (and my real-life wife) who had abandoned the company when the Empire nationalized it (but prior to the X-wings' Alliance takeover) who now works for Voren.
- Victoria Hugh, a gamorrean warrior-poet (it was intended to be a male, but the player insisted in it being a female) who had been hired by (sold into slavery to) an offworlder by her clan as a mean of getting rid of her, just because there is nothing as unnerving to a gamorrean than one of his own acting like a "civilized off-worlder", then kicking your ass when you laugh at her (she has the same strength as a wookie). Her employer had an accident with a (her) vibroaxe before the start of the game

First Adventure - Rescue Marka!

The first adventure was quite straightforward - the characters (not counting Victoria, as her player couldn't make it) were stationed at frontier planet Lenour, waiting for a colleage to sell certain merchandise at the market. I even made a small script for them:

(Standing at the ramp of their freighter in the outskirts of a rural hamlet)
Anna: Can you remind me EXACTLY why we are in this forsaken mudball?
Voren: This mudball is called Lenour, and it's because my associate Marka Durn told us we could sell those industrial desecators for good credits at Quara's market
Anna: It seems that Marka has hit the spot this time! See those guys towing our wares with their swoops!
Voren: But that doesn't explain why they are carrying Marka with them, or why that guy is throwing a thermal det...
Anna: (pushing Voren away) JUMP!!!!!

Both players dodged the thermal detonator with ease (the attacker rolled a 3!), but a fire started inside the ship. After 3 minutes discussing what to do (hey, your ship is burning!!!), I sent an NPC to the rescue: R2-C9, Marka Dun's astromec droid, who put down the fire and told them he could repair the ship while they rescued his master. Our "heroes" then went to the market in order to ask questions about the "Mad Max swoop gang", and they were told they were offworlders, never seen here before. When asking were coud they land a ship, they were directed to a small "island" in the middle of the marshes not so far from the hamlet. Then Voren decided that the wanted a vehicle, but the only thing he could find was a Gloogh, a native giant slime, which he happily bought for 300 credits. And so on they went.

After a ride to the island, they located the gangers' ship: a big cargo ship modified to carry a fighter bay (with just two TIE's and a Y wing inside). The hangar ramp was opened and there was light pouring out of it (did I tell you it was dark at night?), so the heroes circled the ship until they found an alternative entrance: an airlock! they boarded the ship and arrived to a mess hall in which there was a computer. And then disaster struck:

Voren: -I'm checking the security system -
Master:  -That's quite difficult: you need a 15 to pass the roll -
Voren: - (grabbing TWO DICE) there we go! -

After a horrible roll an alarm set off. And then the characters started moving around checking some rooms until they found a cargo bay full of containers... with four possible entrances!!!! But they decided the cover was worth it, so they entrenched there. On the next turn pirates starting pouring from the entrances (there was 5 of them). Confident on their covers, the players didn't dodge, resulting in the pilot going down unconscious in the first turn while the smuggler wounded the pirate campaign. On the second turn a big pirate with a vibroblade and three other ran towards him, so he tried to jump over the nearest containers, failing the roll and being stunned by a blaster shot after miraculously soaking up a vibroblade hit. When both characters woke up they were in the infirmary, tied with Marka who greeted them ("Weren't you supposed to be rescuing me?"). Some time latter the ship was shocked by explosions. The pirates stuffed the three characters into an scape pod and threw them into space, were they watched a corellian corvette chasing the pirates.

"We are saved!"
The corvette soon returned and rescued the players. The scape pod door opened and only to reveal a stormtrooper platoon and a suspicious-looking imperial officer, who ordered them be sent to the brig.

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