lunes, 25 de marzo de 2013

Samurai comparison shoot

Now that i have painted my first Bac Ninh miniature i promised Roku i would post a comparison shoot of his miniature with all the different samurai miniatures i own. Here is the result:

From left to right: Perry, Dixon, Bac Ninh, EM-4, Old Glory, Foundry, Samurai Wars and Museum

As you can see, the Bac Ninh one is on the smaller part of the scale, but is mostly compatible (well, maybe not so much if are to mis it with the bigger-headed Dixons, but it is fundamentally a matter of tastes). Anyway, the chronicles of the time told us that the japanese soldier, once majestic-looking in his taditional attire, offered a poor spectacle when wearing european uniforms, which made them look smaller and weaker (if you want to get an idea, try putting on your everyday clothes and then a karate-gi, for instance. You will understand almost instantly).

Also, if someone was crazy enough to try converting some Redoubt ACW miniatures in order to use them as bakumatsu troops, i have to say they are exactly the same scale as the Bac Ninh one.