miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2014

CH's Reaper minis

My friend CH painted this pieces for me some time ago. They are so good i even asked him why he was not trying to become a pro painter on his own. If someone could be interested, please tell me

First a Reaper Shoggoth. The thing is an incredible nightmare, with all those differently-painted eyes.


I swear i don't understand how he managed to paint those bones!!

Then he went on with a Reaper Spectre. Being transparent i asked him to just paint everything else. Do you see the green bright reflecting in the tombstone? it's not that: he painted it that way, as if the rock reflected the supposed green glow of the spectre

Hope he will paint something else soon!

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  1. Es un maquinorra el maldito... la pena es que va a golpes: le he visto bloquearse con una mini 9 meses y l dia siguiente coger otra bastante más grande y complicada y pintarla en una tarde